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Participate in the development

Fake Omaha has taken seven years to come this far. That's a reflection of a stubborn reality: we rarely have time to spend on it. A couple hours here, a few minutes there, and the odd half-day are all we've been able to fit.

It is our dream to invest adequate time and resources in Fake Omaha. That would mean adding more angles. It would mean making the city more vivid, more relevant and easier to relate to. Most of all, it would mean sharing the project with more people – expounding on the learning opportunities and practical epiphanies we've already experienced.

When we say "support", we don't just mean "money". We also mean exposure and integration. We've encountered some intriguing ideas to "export" pieces of Fake Omaha to other projects – art exhibitions, academic exercises, training programs. We're sure there are other possibilities that haven't even occurred to us.

When it comes to developing Fake Omaha, we are eager to entertain any idea. If you wish to support the project – or if you have any ideas to integrate it with other efforts – we would love to hear from you.

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